Media Mentions about Life Planning for You

George Kinder named one of Top 20 Innovators/Icons by Investment News for 2016

Investment News by Greg Iacurci - December, 19, 2016

George Kinder, The Father of Life Planning is being honored at an awards ceremony in New York City, "Mr. Kinder, widely considered the father of the life-planning movement, changed that, profoundly transforming the process of delivering financial advice since he began exploring the topic in the 1990s. “He was really groundbreaking in the platform he produced and the body of knowledge he produced,” said Rick Kahler, president of an eponymous advisory firm and an early student of Mr. Kinder’s methods. “Life-planning was the forerunner of honoring what we know today, which is that most financial decisions are made emotionally, and bringing that recognition to a profession that didn’t want to hear that message.” Read More

The Best Online Tools for Retirement Planning and Living

The Wall Street Journal by Anne Tergesen - January 19, 2015

What Will You Do in Retirement? As baby boomers near the end of their careers, more Web services are helping them think about how they want to spend their time in retirement. "Our favorite tool is, which offers a free series of introspective exercises. The site also provides links to financial planners trained in 'life planning,' which focuses on helping clients clarify their goals, values and priorities before planning their finances." Read More

Guidance for Life After Retirement

Press of Atlantic City, LIVING Section - July 5, 2016

Dear Savvy Senior: I just turned 62 and am financially prepared for retirement, but I'm less certain about how to spend my time after leaving work. Can you recommend some resources or tools that can help me with this? - Feeling Lost - You can get one-on-one guidance from a retirement or life-planning coach. has a free exercise called Evoke to help identify a path that might suit you best in later life, and provides a directory of registered life planners to help guide you. Read More

1 Question Your Financial Advisor Isn't Asking You - but Should

Motley Fool - June 20, 2015

You may think you and your pro nailed the perfect financial plan -- until you discover that something important is missing. Read More

A New Lifeplanning Website

Life Planning for You website

Motley Fool Answers Podcast - June 16, 2015

A free financial life planning website we like, Listen Now